Top City 1 Islamabad


To be the most trusted name in the real estate industry and deliver the excellence through our values of responsibility, sustainability, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. We strive to be the Pakistan’s most luxurious and first ever smart housing project, envisaging worthy investment opportunities and a living space of comfort and safety right in the approach of every commoner.


To develop a modern and state-of-the-art housing project as an epitome of sustainable development, and to set new standards for community facilities and services. To foster our vision of developing a comfortable, safe, and luxurious community, our team is eagerly designing this piece of land with lots of futuristic and innovative ideas.

The Project


TopCity-1 is located within the natural boundaries of Kashmir Highway, Motorways M1/M2, and New Islamabad International Airport (NIIA). It possesses the most prime location of twin cities and is a home to major roads that provide connection of CPEC routes with NIIA. The main Kashmir Highway leading to the NIIA passes by TopCity-1 and connects to it via an exclusive interchange. Moreover, the Islamabad Metro bus extension will cater the commute needs of TopCitizens with its dedicated stop for the society. The 3 km long Thalian Interchange also connects the other end of TopCity-1 with NIIA, which benefits all the traffic from South and Central Punjab. All these perks of its prime location provide TopCity-1 an edge over its contenders and gives it a high commercial value.

Layout Plan:

Topcity-1 Islamabad Map



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