Sell Your Home Faster

We all hear it how slow the real estate market is in Pakistan nowadays due to unfavourable political situation. However, only genuine buyers and investors are keeping it active and a step away from reaching a standstill point. The market may appear to be inactive but there are people who are willing to sell their homes and looking for serious property buyers. You must set the stage of your home keeping the given points in view, if you are planning to put your home on market to sell on your asking price and as soon as possible.

Price it Right!

It is typical thinking of most of the Pakistan property sellers that they should keep the initial asking price high and lower it gradually, if the home fails to sell at given price. However, experts say this tactic hardly works in realty market because it can slow down the selling process even at a lower price. A real estate expert says that first month’s activity right after putting home on market is very important. If you have planned to advertise it with a real estate portal, pick the best one and keep tabs on their activity and see the response you are getting from these portals. Price it right because if the price is too high, potential buyers will stay away assuming either you are not serious to sell your home or unaware of the market value of your property.

Market it Right!

Do you know what can kill your sale? It is choosing the wrong medium to advertise your property. Right now, instead of directly going to real estate agent, tech savvy people prefer searching properties online, short listing the options and then contacting the agents who have advertised the property. Make sure, you have picked the right online property portal to advertise your home, where people come to view properties and finalize their choices. It will help you getting potential property buyers for your home soon.

De-clutter Your Home

Once you put your home on market, many people will make a tour to your home without prior informing you just to decide, if it is worth to purchase or not. Make sure your home is ready to lure the potential buyers all the time. Give a power wash to your home, mow lawn, repaint the walls, move the mismatched furniture or extra things to the store room and pare down your closets. In short, all the extra stuff should be removed, moved, stored or dumped, in order to give a neat look to your home. The more you keep the extra stuff in rooms, the more cluttered your home will appear to be. If you are serious about selling your home, all extra stuff must go, end of story.

Kitchen comes First

As per real estate experts, you are not going to sell your home; you will actually sell your kitchen. Kitchen is this much important. If you are planning to sell your home, renovate your kitchen on immediate basis. It may take few thousand rupees to replace old countertops, cabinets and re-paint the walls but the resultant benefits are endless. Use neutral colour paint for kitchen walls so that buyers can envision their own style. A well-designed kitchen can help you get potential buyers for your home. Moreover, update your kitchen as per the current look of your home so that it can match the flow of interior design of the rest of your home.


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