Naval Anchorage Gwadar

Gwadar has quite literally been the talk of the town & with China’s keen interest within the region its not far when Gwadar will be a financial hub & an economic backbone for the whole region & compared with the likes of Hong Kong, Singapore & Dubai. This will welcome investors & Business from around the globe. Due to this property market has shown significant magnification in the past years.

Naval Acnhorage Gwadar offers 125, 250 & 500 sq yd plots. What makes Naval Anchorage even more special is that not only is this the first armed forces housing scheme to be launched in Gwadar but also the strongest in its kind when it comes to paper work and documentation. This not only makes you money if you are an investor or a holiday home by the beautiful beach if you are a traveler but it lets you do so with a peace of mind knowing the armed forces are protecting your investment , properties as well as your borders is a big relief

Naval Acnhorage Gwadar


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