Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

All of us want our homes to be as energy-efficient as possible in order to achieve better and sustainable environment and the cost of energy bills. Taking baby steps towards creating eco-friendly environment can be done in a number of ways, from changing daily habits to upgrading household appliances to making major green home improvements.

This guide will take you through the options, and outlining multiple ways to cut energy expenditure and providing expert views. Let’s have a look at few eco-solutions that you can take at your home.


Don’t underestimate the impact of a properly insulated home on your monthly energy bills. Savings could be significant due to proper insulation. If your home is not insulated, you can take quotes from local builders and you may be able to find out energy-efficient home appliances at relatively lower prices. Before starting insulation, get your home evaluated to find out any structural flaw because if your home has cavity flaws, insulation material can be blows into the activity and if the walls are solid, both internal and external insulation can work. You just need proper ventilation is retained to avoid damp and mould.


The lighting accounts for up to 15% of total energy usage in a home, it is well worth opting for the efficient options. In most of the cases, you can better think of switching to Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs as this technology has evolved over the years. Most of the LED lights come with varying degrees of brightness and colours. Halogen bulbs were already phased out. However, if you are going to install new fittings, they should also be energy-efficient.


Traditional heating methods that use natural gas, oil and coal can cause serious damage to environment but there are few other options that you must consider:

Solar Panel

Contrary to the popular belief, modern solar panels do not need strong sunshine to generate electricity for a single home. If it’s light enough to see, it’s smart enough to produce electricity. However, on cloudy or rainy days, the results will be less effective. Solar panels are most suitable for homes where there is ample sunlight and better weather. Solar panels also favour homeowners who tend to be at home during daytime, as running appliances means taking less energy from the grid.

Reduce water usage

You should always consider cutting back on water usage not just to conserve water, or protect environment but to also reduce your bill. Fixing the dripping tabs and runny faucets is first step and the next one is to make conscious decision while opening the water tap and flushing the toilet and taking shower.

Replace the traditional shower with modern shower heads that use less water and also minimize your shower time like limit it to 5 minutes a day.


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