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While the bedroom is meant to be the most comfortable room in the house the living room’s main purpose is to impress the guests. However pretentious designs can sometimes make us feel like strangers in our own home. It is important to come up with a few living room ideas that will manage to give the room a warm and personal touch without interfering with the fancy furniture and decorations.

When it comes to decorating our homes we rarely spare a dime. We consider it a long term investment therefore we try to choose top quality materials. On that note we can assume that after having spend a lot of money on our living room we are unwilling to make further modifications even if we are not satisfied with the final result. However there are a lot of small changes that you can make in order to change the overall aspect of your home without spending a lot of money.

The most important elements that defines the way a space makes us feel are colors. Various studies have shown that colors have an important impact on our disposition. Therefore if you are avoiding spending time in your living it may be because you are unhappy with the color accents of the room.. For example a black and white design can be very trendy but it will give you a grim and cold feeling. You can change that by adding a few colorful elements such as decoration pillows. These will bring color to the room but they will also make the sofa feel more comfortable. If you are not a fan of pillows you can also change the color scheme of the room with a few paintings. The color of the walls is also an important factor that can determine the way you feel about a room. For example orange is a very bad choice for the living room because it is a color that inspires energy and excitement and therefore if can make you feel restless. Crimson is another color that can be inappropriate for the living room because it is too strong and it makes people feel irritable.

Other simple living room ideas can help you redefine your space. For example furniture arrangement is very important. In the living room it is important to have a relaxation area. The sofa and the armchairs should be centered around a coffee table. You can also add one or two ottomans for more comfort. Another great element is the carpet. Most people prefer a carpet-less floor because it is easier to clean. On the other hand a fluffy carpet can give a warm and cozy feeling. Another cheap idea for redesigning the living room are curtains. There are multiple living room ideas that can make even the most modern trends feel warm and comfortable. You just need to match them to your personality.


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