Home improvements ideas that increase your property’s value

The real estate market is still in a slump and you may have not decided yet if you want to sell your property. You should stay put until the situation gets better. You should get your house out of the market and bring it some improvements, so when you will want to sell it in the future, you will get more money. If you have no idea what additions would increase the value of your house, then you should know that exterior work on your property dominate the list of projects that bring the largest return. When selling the house is all about first impression, because buyers decide if they want to check its interior, if they lie the exterior of the property. The majority of buyers think that if the exterior of the house is well maintained then the interior will also be.

Build a swimming pool

If your house is located in a neighbourhood where the majority of properties have pools, then you should definitely consider pool construction. If your house does not feature a pool, you will have difficulties when you try to sell it. Also, depending on the climate it may be essential to have a pool, for the hot days of the summer. The majority of persons who have a large lot in the back of their house use it for gardening, or they think that it will be useful to leave it over for children to play. But, when it comes to selling your house, you will find that you will find a buyer fast if the house has a swimming pool. When you construct the pool, you have to be careful, because you have to leave space for parking the car. Make sure it does not dominate the outdoor space.

Add a deck

If you are looking for an efficient way to invest in your property, then you should add a deck. You can build it close to the pool, so the buyers could use it during the summer to spend time with their family and friends. Research shows that the majority of homeowners recoup the cost of the deck when they sell the property, because people prefer to buy a house that features all the amenities they may want. Outdoor living spaces are very desirable lately and if you make a deck in the back of your house, you will make it more appealing to prospective purchasers. If you do the work by yourself, you will save a lot of money so you should think about this option.

Insulate the house

In case you have not insulated your house already, then you should know that the majority of buyers work with home inspectors, and they will immediately place your house on the black list if it lacks insulation. Buyers think that the properties that do not feature energy efficient insulation will lead to increased energy bills and they will not afford to maintain them. And if you take a look on the market, you will notice that insulating your house is not as expensive as you may think. And at the end of the day it will look more appealing to potential buyers so you should not ignore this aspect. You can add insulation to the areas that feature leaks, in case you do not have the needed money to insulate the entire house. Here are the areas where you may discover leaks:

  • around light switches and electrical sockets
  • around windows and doors
  • in recessed lighting
  • in the basement
  • around the attic hatch
  • anywhere around the wires and ducts that go outside your home

Add energy efficient windows

When people are looking for a house, they want to make sure that they invest into an energy efficient property. If your house has drafty single pane windows, then buyers will not be interested in purchasing it. If you install energy efficient windows, you and the future owners can save money on the heating and cooling bills, so they will be interested in seeing your house and even buy it. It is stated that you can recoup more than 90% of your costs if you change the windows of your house. You should check on the rebates available in your country for installing energy efficient windows, because you may have the possibility to get back a part of the money you invest.

Bring basic updates

Some basic updates bring great value to your property. You should fix the roof when you notice leaks, keep the paint fresh, get rid of the mold and replace the wood that rots. These are the types of things that influence the way your house deteriorates in time, and you want to keep it in a good state if you want to make sure that you will sell it at a great price. Buyers want a safe, solid and healthy house, so you should show them that you well maintained the property.


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