Garden Tool Maintenance

Gardening represents an extremely relaxing and rewarding practice that consists in cultivating and growing plants for their foliage or flowers while creating a stunning and natural landscape in front or backyard. Did you recently discover this wonderful hobby? Do you consider yourself a gardening enthusiast who simply cannot let a single day pass without thinking about his precious flowers? Do you have this passion for gardening since you can remember? Well, regardless of the answer, you can definitely call yourself a gardener, the only difference lies in the experience, which you can accumulate over time. Nevertheless, people from all these categories have something in common, an integral part of the gardening process: they need to acknowledge the importance of and be up to date with garden tool maintenance. Your tools allow you to take care of your green plants and flowers meaning that, in return, you have to take care of them.

Gardening tools and flower on the grass close up

are for your current garden tools- it requires time but saves you money

Gardening tools, which involve spades, trowels, shovels and hoes, deserve attention and adequate maintenance. If you agree with us, keep reading this article in order to discover the most efficient tips for accomplishing this mission successfully. You probably realize how much abuse these tools endure during the growing season. Taking into account that you use them excessively, you should reward their contribution to maintaining your beautiful landscape by cleaning, sharpening and storing them properly. Just by allowing a small part of your time for this task, you will benefit from long-tasting and sharp tools, not to mention that you will have more to gain financially on the long term by caring for your current tools instead of keep buying new ones. Of course, we assume that you have some quality garden tools that really worth investing time in maintaining them, not cheap products that necessitate frequent replacements.

Your high-quality gardening tools need proper storage

Those who enjoy gardening for years now definitely managed to compile a large collection of useful tools by investing a considerable amount of money. If you fall into the same category, do not let that financial investment go to waste. Establish a regular maintenance schedule to make your gardening tools last as much time as possible. Start by providing proper storage. Even garden hoses should have some place to be properly put away after each use to avoid tangles, kinks and cracks. You might give in to the temptation of leaving your tools somewhere convenient, most of the times in a place where you believe that you are going to continue your work the next day, or week. Nevertheless, by leaving your garden tools outside you will only manage to cause them damage; the garage or a shed represents a most suitable place. We do have to approach a special topic, since we are talking about storage. Under no circumstance you should leave your tools in uncontrolled environments during the rainy or cold season. Moisture represents your biggest enemy in this case, which means that you should consider public storage for your gardening tools, especially if you are not planning to use them for a long period.  We do not refer to basic storage, we recommend renting a climate-controlled unit.

Keep your gardening tools clean and dry – it will prolong their life

Ensuring a clean and dry environment for your tools will undoubtedly allow you to enjoy their “services” for a longer period. Preventing exposure to moisture and dirt represents your mission and you should not encounter difficulties in completing it successfully. When it comes to cleaning your trowels, rakes and shovels, do not hesitate to use another element from your garden, namely the hose. You obviously use the tools to dig and work the soil in order to prepare it for your beautiful flowers and this will cover them completely in dirt so you have to wash it off with plenty of water. Purchase strong solutions and a brush, if you do not have one already, because it will help you to scrub them thoroughly. After you wash and clean your gardening tools, you have to dry them and for this task, you can just use an old towel lying around in your house. Another thing that you should always keep in mind is that your tools are susceptible to rust and you can provide the necessary protection by coating their surface.

Keep your tools sharp – it will reduce your frustration in the garden

Gardening tools and plants on land

Even though you have clean tools, the reality is that you will not be able to work in the garden if they are not sharp enough. With a small sharpener and a mill file, you can take care of this aspect fast and easy. If you visit any store offering gardening supplies, you will see plenty of products that you can purchase in order to preserve the sharpness of your valuable tools. If you do not believe that you can complete this task, you can ask the help of someone close, like a relative or a neighbor, just do not neglect your tools.  If you follow all the steps mentioned in this article, you will be able to use your tools in order to grow a productive garden.


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