Best Ideas to Decorate your Rooftop Terrace

As more and more people are now opting apartment lifestyle in all the leading cities of Pakistan, it means dwellers would not get much space to sit back and relax on roof in natural sunlight and air. However, majority of people in Pakistan still have homes that may lack in home gardens but do have rooftop terraces. In our country, terraces are considered perfect outdoor places to spend winter noon and summer evenings – be it reading a book, taking coffee, having a meal or arranging a BBQ party. Therefore, this place should be more than perfect.

By searching online, you can find a number of designs to help you decorating your rooftop terrace. Things can be of any type like outdoor plants, artificial gardens, fireplaces, or dining places – only you can decide, what you need the most. Pick something of your choice from the following few inspiring ideas or hire one of the best architects in Pakistan to decorate your rooftop terrace in your way. Do-it-yourself (DIY) ideas are as follows.

Go Green

Few people may not agree to me but you must add green touches to your rooftop terrace or patio, especially in form of plants as they can completely transform the look of your terrace. Depending upon the look and style you pick, you can add green in different forms such as outdoor plants, hanging flower baskets and potted shrubs.

Add a shade

No matter, where you live in Pakistan, the rooftop terrace will eventually get terribly hot during summer. Direct sunlight and scorching heat can make you feel uncomfortable to use this patio during summers. However, by adding a canopy stand, umbrella or a covered awning, you cannot just beat the heat but can use the terrace during hot and humid days as well.

Add Dining Zone

Rooftop is the best place for barbecuing and holding parties for your loved ones. Make your terrace ready for it by installing a grill and an outdoor dining table or arranging couches near the fireplace. Though you don’t need to be a certified architect to make all these arrangements but I would suggest you to take help from an architect to transform your rooftop terrace into an amazing place.

Add Pillows

Colourful pillows can give a fresh look to your terrace and spruce up the ordinary space. Always pick the pillows covering material from outdoor fabrics range because they are designed keeping in view the intensity of sunlight and other aspects. Select the colours in accordance to the rest of furniture colour. To use these pillows for a long time, you must protect them from seasonal changes and store them at a safe place before leaving the terrace.


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