Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

When it comes to dream home design ideas, a lot of people focus on the garden, the living room and the dinning room. In translation, we mainly focus on those parts of our homes that are in plain sight. However, the bedroom is the most important room of the house, a sanctuary where people escape the outside world. After a hard day, everyone needs a room where they can relax and recharge. It is about time that we pay more attention to the way that we design our bedrooms. These bedroom interior design ideas will transform any dull room into a pleasant space.

1. Play with colors

Colors have a powerful psychological effect because they relate to the mind, body and emotions. The primary colors are red, blue, yellow and green ,so be careful if you want to choose one of these shades. A popular scheme is one that uses green and brown. Dark browns are nurturing and give the feeling of warmth. The right shade of green has to be light.

2. A focal point
If you do a little research on dream home design ideas, you will see that these is one of the most basic yet most efficient interior design tips. Choose a piece of furniture as the focal point of the room. Usually the bed is the centerpiece, because it it large and we spend almost a third of our lives sleeping in it. If you are more conservative, a classic look might be appropriate, but if you like to experiment try an innovative design like the hammock bed. Some great bedroom interior design ideas for children are the tree bed or the Casket Bed.

3. Create a comfy bedroom
The great thing about bedroom interior decoration ideas is that they allow you to combine both comfort and style. Cover your bed with soft fluffy covers and lots of pillows . Combine different patterns, sizes and prints. Cover the floor with a colorful rug that will brighten the room up. A four-by-six-foot carpet is great for any bedroom.

4. Inspiring walls
A plain room can be immediately transformed with an interesting abstract artwork. Paint one wall in a bold color and decorate it with pictures and accessories. A wall lamp with a multi-watt bulb is ideal for relaxing or reading and it also saves space. Since the bedroom sees less traffic than the rest of the house, you could consider some DIY interior decoration ideas. There are plenty of simple crafts which can add a touch of personality to your bedroom.

5. Curtains
If waking up with the sun doesn’t bother you, remove all curtains to make the room seem more spacious and bright. Low slung furniture will allow the light to spread. If you enjoy your privacy, adorn the windows with lush silk draperies that will turn the bedroom into a comfy nest.

6. Bedroom garden
One of the best bedroom interior design ideas is to create a garden in your own bedroom. Live plants improve air quality and bring any corner to life. Bamboo and bonsai trees will give the room an Asian feel. If you don’t have the time to care for the pretentious bonsai, choose a yucca plant or a ficus. Flower pots area quick, easy and affordable way to decorate a room.


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