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About Realty 47

We are introducing you the Realty 47. It is an Islamabad based company which deals in selling and purchasing of domestic and commercial plots in all over Pakistan.

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It is a Market place to display the best deals of domestic and commercial plots. The main purpose of this company is to provide reasonable and suitable deals in selling and purchasing of property.

There is no other place where you can find such types of the offer so if you want to live a peaceful and secure life you have to visit us.


Our contract policies are very suitable for everyone. We facilitate you with the best price. All the transactions related to selling and purchasing of property is legal and enforceable at law.

There are no hard and fast rules about paying the amount. We provide you a secure platform where you can easily pay the amount like down payments and installments.

Legal Agreements

This is a legal company and registered with the government of Pakistan. So there is no doubt of any inconvenience. We are totally doing totally save transactions. So if you want to save yourself by frau company you have to deal with us. We are a safe company and also registered at the law of Pakistan.

Purchase and Sale Agreement

The agreement that held at the time of contracts is in written form. And usually, have 3 copies from which one copy is given to the customer and the other copy is kept by our organization and the third one is given to the third party like bank or registration institution. So this is a process that is usually taken to save of the parties from loss.

Real Estate Marketing Companies

Well speaking about the other marketing companies on social media. There is a huge amount of such a web site but they are some time fake. They take all your money and run away.

Or if we talk about the other side of such companies they take a lot of time for transactions and also take to much money from the customers. So there is very inconvenience with other web site or there is more fraud chance with another web site.

Because they are not registered with the government and take to many extra charges from you. But our company is a registered company and we never take any of the hidden charges from you.

Good Deals in Sale and Purchasing of Plots

We give you the best deals in your home town. We have a wide range of domestic and commercial plots for our customer. And it is our for most try to facilitate you. So, for this reason, we give the best and excellent deals to our customers.

Purchase of Domestic and Commercial Plots

You can sell or purchase any domestic or commercial property at a good price. You don’t need to worry about the transaction because it is very safe. And registered with the government

Agreement of Transactions

The purchase agreement is based on two things the first one is the terms and conditions enforceable at law. That includes in our policy of selling and purchasing of property. And the second thing is the flexibility areas of the customers. Obviously, we know you value and want to provide you the best deals.

Advance Cash

Yes, there is an amount that you should pay at the time of the agreement that is called the down payment or advance cash. And the pending amount is paid according to the contract of agreement

Debit and Credit Card Facility

We also provide you the facility to pay by debit card. Obviously, this is a modern era and everybody use banking equipment. Additionally, it is a very secure part of transaction you never need to carry a heavy amount of cash with you. You can easily fill up the transaction of money by debit cards.

Discount Facility

Usually, the rate of discount is an argument at the time of making a contract. The rate of return matter in discounting rate.

Transfer of Credit Through Bank

You can send us money by transferring the online amount through banks. The domestic and commercial plots which we provide you are usually located in developed areas.

Like they have all the facilities around them. They have a hospital near them for emergencies. And “Masajids” for offering prayers. So come and deal with us.

Ledger of Cash Amounts

The ledger of purchasing is prepared at the time of making agreements. And all the pay and pending payments of plots are written in it.

Purchase and Sale Lyrics

It is according to the policy of the company. Bank balance transfer facility is provided by us cards

Sale and Purchase Refund Protection Policy

We also provide you the secure refund policy. This return amount is also decided at the time of discussion.

Sales Invoice

Sale invoice is always provided you to at the time of paying any payment or pending installments.


We are an Islamabad based company and facilitate you in different parts of Pakistan we are very secured and run our organization according to the law. I have guided you a lot in term of selling and purchasing of domestic and commercial plots purchasing and this will help you a lot in making up your mind.

We provide you the best offers. There is no other spot where you can discover such kinds of the offer so in the event that you need to carry on with a quiet and secure life you need to visit us.

You need to spare yourself by fraud organization you need to manage us. We are a protective organization and furthermore enlisted at the law of Pakistan.

We talk about the opposite side of such organizations they set aside a ton of effort for exchanges and furthermore take to a lot of cash from the clients.

Moreover, it is an exceptionally secure piece of exchange you never need to convey an overwhelming measure of money with you. So don’t be late to take the right decision for yourself. Hurry up. Thank you.